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Rudi Garcia: "Lucas Paquetá will certainly be in the squad to face OM"

Published on 02 October 2020 at 12:56 PM
Rudi Garcia : « Lucas Paquetá sera certainement dans le groupe pour l'OM »
The coach, Rudi Garcia, spoke to journalists two days before hosting OM in Ligue 1 Uber Eats. You can find the full press conference on OLPlay.

Medical update

“Maxence Caqueret is a doubt. We hope he will be ready tomorrow. Maxwel Cornet has an ankle problem, he hasn't trained. Jeff Reine-Adélaïde is still dealing with a calf injury. There is the return of Karl Toko Ekambi -- that's good news. Lucas Paquetá is eligible. This give us an additional attacking player. He had been training with AC Milan before arriving."


Lucas Paquetá 

“He clearly has quality. He needs to regain the level that had allowed him to be sought out by Milan. He's a left-footed player. He has a good quality in terms of his passing. We have seen him in training. I'll help him regain his confidence. There may be a period of adaptation but the fact that we have a lot of Brazilians here will help him to integrate ... He will have to find his best position. I followed him in Milan. I think he has to be at the heart of the game. He can be a box-to-box player or act as a playmaker, behind the attack. I think that's his position. We will discuss it with him. He's eligible, he'll definitely be in the squad."


The mercato

“We will wait. I am working with what I have at my disposal. I'll see tomorrow who I can call upon for Sunday's match. There is still a little time left. We are getting ready for the Marseille game, that's what is important. We have worked in several tactical systems. This allows players to get to know them well and give them life. This should not change anything as regards our ability. We will see the players available between transfers and those who are doubts. It will change our preparation."


A big match against OM behind closed doors

“It's annoying for us but there's nothing we can do about it. A percentage of fans as a ratio of the stadium's capacity would make good sense. We would really need our fans because they weigh on our opponents. This will not be the case. Unfortunately, we are starting to get used to it… Playing a direct competitor is always motivating. But playing a match against the less prestigious teams should not lower our level of motivation. You have to be ready for every game, that much is obvious. We know that we are behind when it comes to points and that we are not in the place we want to be."



“We know about the opponent we're going to play. They are a direct competitor. It's up to us to be able to impose ourselves at home... We have to leave everything on the pitch, at every level, to win."


A lack of realism

“We have a problem with our efficiency. It can only get better. I didn't like the first half in Lorient. We have continued to work on the offensive side. We are the team that has the most touches in the opponent's box. We must conclude, this is important. We have a few players playing below their level."


Your future?

“This is a question to ask the board. I'm not thinking about that. I am giving my best to work on finding solutions. I don't have time to ask myself these questions. "












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