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Shanice van de Sanden: "It was very moving ... I have no words"

Published on 30 September 2020 at 11:54 AM
Shanice van de Sanden : « C’était très émouvant… je n’ai pas de mots »
Transferred to Wolfsburg last week, Shanice van de Sanden was back at Groupama OL Training Center. The Dutch striker with an extended record with OL took advantage of the day's training to say goodbye to her teammates and convey her feelings to the club's media.

Shanice, how do you feel about having come to say goodbye?

This morning was really sad, I said goodbye to the girls, and of course I cried because it was so emotional. This club means so much to me. The last three years have been so important to me as a person, we've won trophies together. We shared love, happiness, sadness together, so I'm very sad to be leaving the club, but for me it's the right choice at this time. It happens in football, but I will never forget these girls, because I love them so much.


If you had to give us just one memory, which would it be?

I think it would be the Women’s Champions League win against Wolfsburg in Kiev. It was a unique moment. When I came on I changed the game and experienced the happiness we shared together on the pitch, it was crazy. I can still feel it! Because it was a tough game, Wolfsburg were leading 1-0, and then I came on and made the difference, Eugenie scored, Ada scored, Camille scored in her last Champions League game. So for me, it is really a very, very beautiful memory, the most beautiful memory.


We know your qualities on the pitch but also in the locker room, you always set the mood, bringing a good attitude. Was this an important role for you to play?

Of course, it's an honor to hear that from my teammates and the club. But yeah, it's me, it's my character, and I'll never change that. Because this is Shanice, I bring happiness, I am always loving, and of course I love to help my teammates when they are sad, and even when they are happy, I love to help them. There are a lot of great girls on this team and I think everyone can play their part when they need to.



Do you realize that you have made history with this club?

Yes. I only realize that now and it makes me a little sad, because yes, we made history with this team, I was part of it, and I am very proud to have been part of this club, of this team but… I don't really have any words about leaving this club, because they were very nice to me, the girls were great, we won some big trophies. So of course this will always be in my heart and I will carry it all with me.


A word for the fans who have followed you everywhere?

Yes of course I want to thank the fans, and I hope they will continue to watch our ... watch OL's matches, I meant to say our matches but these are not my matches anymore. But it's fantastic to have these fans, even when we played in Kiev, Budapest, Spain… They are there, even when they cannot come to see the matches because of the coronavirus, they are always there to support us. I think it's really something special, so I really want to thank all of the OL fans because they are great.