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Wolfsburg - OL (UWCL) : Press conference with Jean-Luc Vasseur and Wendie Renard

Published on 29 August 2020 at 5:30 PM
Wolfsbourg - OL (UWCL) : le point presse de Jean-Luc Vasseur et Wendie Renard
On the eve of the Women's Champions League final against Wolfsburg, the coach, Jean-Luc Vasseur, and his captain, Wendie Renard, took part in the traditional press conference to discuss this match. The entire press conference can be found on OLPlay.

Jean-Luc Vasseur

“We are on a mission, focused, with a brave spirit. We are focused on how we will have to play tomorrow. Nikita Parris will not be able to start. We still hope to have Amandine (Henry) back - we are giving ourselves a few hours to find out. We will not wait, however, we will be master of our destiny and play in full stride. We will be determined, and play with great vigilance and application. We will have to highlight all our qualities to play well, to keep the ball and control the game and to get chances.

We must also build on the last matches. The Wolfsburg match against Barcelona awakened us to certain things even though we will not play like Barcelona because we have our own playing identity. We had a little chat with Sara Gunnarsdottir, who knows the players well because she was in this Wolfsburg team until a few weeks ago. This is an advantage we have. I also have a hard-working staff and my players know their opponents as well. "

Wendie Renard

“We expect a tough match. A Champions League final is often close and difficult. The last finals were favorable to us and I hope that tomorrow will have the same outcome. We know what to expect and we know what to do. It's up to us to know what we want to do and up to us to lift ourselves to bring the cup back. We know the German teams' style - they are often very athletic. It's up to us to raise our game on this level. Building up intensity, winning the duels is very important. We are ready to go into battle.

My first Champions League match was in Macedonia I think. It has been some journey. It’s the best club competition. It's so incredible to battle through it together, to score goals and in the end we cry with joy. I am always focused on titles and trophies. When you can write history, you do it. The day when maybe it stop we will have only our memories so as long as we can keep winning we have to keep going. Winning is all I think about. You have to have fun but with a lot of rigor and a lot of discipline.

Hard work pays off. We also have a lot of people at the club who put us in the best shape to be here. We have our president who has believed in us for several seasons. In the key moments we think about all of that and we think about having the chance to do what we love. I have been part of this team for many years. I have learned a lot from the top players who have been there for several seasons. I arrived at 16 and learned from Sonia, Hoda, Camille, Thomis, Katia, Shirley. "









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