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OL-Bayern : Rudi Garcia and Anthony Lopes' press conference

Published on 19 August 2020 at 7:10 AM
OL-Bayern : Le point presse de Rudi Garcia et Anthony Lopes
On Wednesday (9 p.m.), OL return to the semifinals of the Champions League against Bayern Munich, the same opponents as in 2010. Rudi Garcia and Anthony Lopes responded to journalists this Tuesday evening a few hours before the match.

Rudi Garcia


Support from the supporters

“We saw the joy of the people of Lyon after qualifying, the banners. On behalf of the staff and all the players, we thank you. "


The team's spirit

“It doesn't matter who starts . We won't win this match with eleven but with sixteen. If we're good tactically, then we'll get there. Moussa Dembélé, off the bench, was particularly decisive. We must keep this desire to do well together. "


The physical fitness of the group

“The whole group is doing very well physically and is applying themselves for tomorrow. It's important to be able to count on everyone. We have an ability to change half the team mid-game now with five changes, so a four-day recovery is not so problematic anymore. It’s a real pleasure to see my players give everything for each other. It's been an incredible competition, but I hope they can do better. We want to stay in Lisbon, it feels good here! "



“They’re a very great team, but if we had looked at the stats before City we wouldn't have had much better luck. With humility, we have managed to progress this far. If we have the opportunity to take our chances, we will have to do it, as we have done in the last two matches. This team doesn't have a lot of weak points. It's up to us to play our game, we are capable of a lot of things. We have to have confidence in ourselves and hope that each player has confidence in his teammates. The teams that play us are perhaps starting to think that we are not such a small team. Sometimes a small pebble can prevent you from climbing a mountain. It's good to be in the semifinals, it's already a huge achievement having eliminated such teams. However, we haven't won anything yet. These two feats should give us extra confidence and make us realize that we can do great things. "



“Juninho is still a bit of a player at heart. He is "all fire, all flame", full of energy. I find that we complement each other well because from my experience, I am calmer. He won everything with OL, which ruled France for a decade. When you're lucky enough to have a character like him, you have to listen to him. He did everything, proved everything, experienced everything. He is a model to follow in terms of both his professionalism and collective spirit. "


Anthony Lopes


Support from the supporters

“We were very happy to see all these banners in the city, we were very touched. The supporters are in our hearts, it will give us a lot of motivation for tomorrow. "



“Playing a Champions League semifinal is not something that happens to everyone, we have that chance against this great team. We will do everything to pose as much trouble as possible to Bayern to try to progress even further. "



“I followed him as a supporter. When we see him, we all have stars in our eyes. To see him in such a state, after qualifying for the semifinals when he has never been that far, it touches us all a lot and motivates us a lot to do even more. "

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