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Bruno Guimaraes : "We can bring ourselves to the level of City"

Published on 14 August 2020 at 8:12 AM
Bruno Guimaraes : « Nous pouvons nous mettre au niveau de City »
Lyon midfielder Bruno Guimaraes answered questions from journalists two days away from facing Manchester City in the quarterfinals of the Champion's League. The interview can be found in full on OLPlay.

The Champions League quarterfinal

“It’s clearly the most important game of the season. My dream is to play in the Champions League next year so we have no choice but to win. "


Manchester City

"We have a very high level opponent ahead of us, but we, too are a good team. After all, if we want to progress in this Final 8, we have to beat opponents like Manchester City, even though they are a very strong club and play great football. We can bring ourselves to their level, we have already done so in the past. "


His first matches in the Champions League

“I was very nervous and stressed to play the first leg against Juventus, it was my first match in this competition. It was amazing playing against players I had only seen in video games or on television. I had prepared well for the match and came into it well. The return leg was different, I was already more used to it and less anxious. Fortunately, we got off to a good start with the penalty which allowed us to be more calm. Beating Juventus on their home turf gave us more confidence for the rest of the competition. "











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