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Rudi Garcia : "Important to keep our heads high before Juventus"

Published on 01 August 2020 at 12:00 PM
Rudi Garcia : « Important de garder la tête haute pour la Juventus »
Minutes after the League Cup final penalty shoot-out loss to PSG, Rudi Garcia appeared in the press room to answer journalists' questions.

His analysis of the match

“Paris were better than us in the penalty shootout. Navas started on the right side and made a nice stop. But we could have been a little more dangerous, especially in the second half with our chances to score. It was a close game. There weren't many chances on either side. There haven't been enough opportunities created on our side. We had a very good first half, maybe a worse second. In extra time there was a way to finish before the penalty shoot-out but we couldn't do it. It doesn't change the fact that I can only congratulate my players on the way they played the match. We don't have to be ashamed of not having won this Coupe de la Ligue. We held our own against the Parisians ”


The squad's mental state

“When you play 120 minutes and you don't get the trophy, it's all the more damaging. It will be necessary to work on things psychologically. I started doing it after the game with the squad. It’s important to keep your head up and realize how good you have been. This should help us to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Champions League, that is our goal now. We will have to leave some time for recovery for my players. You will have to rest and set up a recovery protocol to regain freshness for Friday. "




Lessons for Juventus

“We will have to be better offensively to score in Turin. It is a good base from which to go to Italy. It was our first competitive game. We saw how difficult it was, even after 90 minutes. A lot of players on both sides suffered physically, it was hot. It will be an important element for the match that awaits us ... It is important to count on players who can answer present. Marcelo had a little pain behind his thigh. Anthony Lopes had sore calves, which is why I didn't make a change. I'll speak with the doctor before Friday. We hope not to have any issues that could be detrimental for Friday. "


The performance of Maxence Caqueret

“I found him very good in preseason with his quality. He works a lot, he is able to snap at an opponent's feet. He has a good vision of the game, he is invaluable in the midfield. We have four players in this area who are of fairly identical value. He is one of the youngest but he already has a tactical culture about him. He still needs to improve, especially athletically, but he has been very good. I wanted a player who could help Bruno build play and counter Verratti. "



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