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Academy : Jean-Francois Vulliez gives an update

Published on 28 July 2020 at 5:00 PM

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Academy : Jean-Francois Vulliez fait le point
The director of the Olympique Lyonnais Academy, Jean-François Vulliez, spoke to the club media, giving him an opportunity to offer an overview of the Academy and the N2, U19 and U17 squads.

About the return

"There was a lot of anticipation among the players. We are all very motivated and have been since early July. It is a great relief to be back in our element."


About the National 2 squad

"The establishment of the Fofana-Bréchet partnership is a good thing for the N2. They are two former players of the club who know Lyon's philosophy perfectly. In addition, Gueïda Fofana has experience in the position because he is going on his third season with the team. It is very important for our young players to be able to be trained by coaches who have been players at the club before. It is the best way for things to progress for them, to become professionals and especially to be imbued with OL's DNA The N2 South league season will be hotly contested, it is a very important championship. We have integrated the young Mohamed El Arouch from the 2004 generation. It is a group that has been getting younger over the years. Young players will be taking their first steps this season and that is why we are playing against Bourg-en-Bresse this week and Villefranche next week in order to best prepare them for N2. It is a league of adults but we are approaching it with a lot of ambition. I know we have a talented group that have been playing together for a while. We will try to create a team that can earn as many points as possible. "


About the U19 squad

"For the U19s, we trust the same staff, Éric Hély remains coach. We have a staff that works well so we did not want to change it. The comeback is unique because we are starting a season that we have not finished. We have a squad that will be competitive, we are ambitious and we want to win the Youth League despite the departure of some young players like Amine Gouiri and Pierre Kalulu. We start this season with important matches and therefore important goals. In addition, the Youth League brings a lot of experience so it's also important for the development of our players. In the league, we are in a group similar to that of last year. We had a very good run up to the fall and we want to do at least as well. At OL, we are in a results-based project and also in a training project. There can be different results in the second part of the season when we integrate players from the younger generations, but all this is offset by the experience they gain. We hope that the 2003s will play the leading roles next year, but also that a few of the 2004s that will be in the group. "


About the U17 squad

"Amaury Barlet remains in charge for the U17s. He knows the OL methodology. Jérémie Bréchet is now working with Gueïda Fofana so we went looking for a similar profile. We looked for individuals who know OL and the U17s and our choice was Philippe Pinson. The players born 2004 will surely rise during the year with the U19. The pool is stronger this year but that suits us because for our players to progress, they need a strong challenge on a daily basis."


The importance of OL's DNA

"The DNA of the club is based on an attractive and attacking style of play. Our teams must be protagonists, it is up to us to play with the ball and impose our game. Our working philosophy takes into account methodological developments and new technologies are also important. This allows us to be at the level of other major European teams and to prepare the players of tomorrow as optimally as possible. OL are very successful, and have been for years. They have to stay that way. "


The complete interview with Jean-François Vulliez can be found on OLPLAY.

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