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Tino Kadewere : "OL is a club I dreamed of"

Published on 10 June 2020 at 3:00 AM
Tino Kadewere : « L’OL est un club dont j’ai rêvé »
This Wednesday afternoon, Olympique Lyonnais presented to the press its new striker, Tino Kadewere. The 24-year-old Zimbabwean, recruited in the winter transfer window, gave his first impressions of his new club and expressed his joy in joining it.

Tino Kadewere

"Good morning all. I am very happy to have joined OL. It’s a very big club, a club I have dreamed of. I worked a lot to be able to sit in this place. I would like to thank the president, Juninho and Bruno Cheyrou, who all facilitated my arrival. The players have been very friendly to me and integrated me directly into the squad.

To be a good player, you have to be a team player. I have my own qualities, but I know how to blend into a squad. I like to hold up the ball. Growing up, I always had a ball at my feet. I'm also pretty quick. But again, the most important thing is to be a team player.

My progress has been very rapid and rather atypical. When I was very young, just after school, I joined my first club, before going to Sweden, then to Le Havre and finally to OL today. If you look at my choices, they stem from a personal strategy of development. I'm taking the plunge today because I feel ready. Many great players have come through Lyon, like Juninho, Benzema, Lacazette… It is a club which can help me in my progress and which I can help thanks to my experience at Le Havre. Being top scorer in Ligue 2 gives me confidence on arrival.

In football, there are starters and substitutes. Everything will depend on my performance and that of my teammates. I respect those who are already here. The most important thing is to work, and the coach will make his decision. I am right-footed but I know as well how to use my left foot. As a professional footballer, I cannot say that I have one foot better than the other, you have to be able to use both. During the match, one can never decide where the ball will arrive and you have to be able to be ready."





Tino is able to play on his own up front, but also behind another striker. He is not someone who very selfish in his style of play. He can be a complementary piece with Moussa Dembélé. The arrival of Karl Toko Ekambi has allowed us to change the way we play and Tino Kadewere will be able to thrive with lots of space. We want to have a better season and Tino can offer us a lot. "


Jean-Michel Aulas

“We are very happy that Tino is there. He was a significant transfer signing in January. He stayed with Le Havre for six months and now arrives to strengthen the team as they start preparing for the Champions League and the Coupe de la Ligue final. He has many qualities, on and off the pitch. This is part of our recruitment strategy. There was a lot of competition to add to the squad and Tino stood out. He was top scorer in Ligue 2 last season and won a number of best player trophies last season. He is an international, which was a very strong element in our decision; we believe in him. He will be qualified to play as soon as the first matches happen."

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