OLTV : The best of Claudio Caçapa on OLNS

Published on 10 June 2020 at 6:30 PM
Former OL defender and current assistant coach of the men's team Claudio Caçapa was the guest on OL Night System on Wednesday on OLTV. The show can be found in full on OL Play.

The end of the season

It was very difficult, we were never ready for it. To stop the league, it seemed idealized. But luckily, neither I nor my family have been affected by the virus. You have to see the positive, but I want to see our supporters in the stands, watching matches, swelling with excitement.


His history with OL

Since my arrival, the love story with this club, this jersey, is enormous. I’m so proud to be here. I have been chosen from among all those who can dream of working with this club and it is permanent happiness. I have two years left my contract. On May 20, I received my coaching badges. Today I want to continue at OL, I still have a lot to give. However, one day or another, I would certainly want to leave Lyon to have a new experience. But it’s not on the agenda yet.


At PSV and Milan

That famous penalty against PSV was a big deal! I sometimes discuss it with Nilmar on the phone from time to time. The double legged tie against Milan was also difficult, we conceded two goals at the end when we really an opportunity to progress. I put the two matches on the same level because each time the whole team believed in doing it. We had reached a stage of concentration and motivation that could only take us higher. Unfortunately, there were the facts of the game, things that we couldn't control. It will stay in our lives forever.

His goal in the Coupe de la Ligue final in 2001

I had chills. This goal changed everything, it’s the most important goal of my career. I was coming to the end of my contract because I was on loan. Before that game, I hadn’t played much and I didn’t expect to be in the Cup final. Just before the match, the coach called on me to play. More than a sign of fate, it was an opportunity to show myself. I wanted to show that I was not there only for six months, but to make my mark on the history of the club. Before this match, OL had won nothing for 28 years. It’s one of the best moments of my life. Despite the titles that followed, this Coupe de la Ligue win will always have a special flavor for me.