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#OL70years one day, one season : 1959-60

Published on 08 June 2020 at 7:00 AM
#OL70ans un jour, une saison : 1959-60
In 2020, Olympique Lyonnais celebrates its 70th anniversary. For the occasion, the club's media will, from May 26, the date of the official announcement of the club's creation, offer a look back into the team's history with a season every day of the week and thus go back in time to August 27, the date of the club's first official match.

The men of the season


Squad : Antonio, Beetschen, Bossy, Combin, Dalla Cieca, Daniel, Devlaeminck, Djorkaeff, Dutto, L.Gardon, R.Gardon, Grobarcik, Hugues, Leborgne, Marteleur, Mignot, Ninel, Njo Léa, Rivoire, Salen, Sbroglia, Solas.

Manager : Gaby Robert.

President : Armand Groslevin. 




The story of the season


It is a season of change at the top, as Armand Groslevin made plans to leave his place in favor of Ferdinand Maillet in June 1960. But it is also a season with a change of manager: Lucien Troupel, much appreciated for his sharp skills, is replaced by Gaby Robert. The squad also changes considerably.

All of these structural changes lead OL to a very difficult season. Only survival, which was obtained narrowly, can be savored.


The match of the season : La Machine - OL


On May 26, 1960, only one matchday remained and survival was assured. To celebrate the end of the season, OL played a friendly match at La Machine (Nièvre), facing the local amateur club. The score was a record (12-0). Salen (2) Devlaminck (2), DallaCieca, Gardon, Marteleur and Grobarcik scored eight goals. But it was the latest arrival from Argentina that marked the occasion: Angel Rambert, in France for only 1 month, registered a quadruple, marking himself as a player to follow.


The player of the season: Roberto Marteleur




On December 20, 1959, the fans at the Gerland welcomed a new face. Roberto Marteleur was the first Argentinian player in OL history. His start was impressive: in three weeks, he scored three goals. And then, nothing. He couldn't adapt and returned to Buenos Aires six months later. But, alongside him at the time of his arrival, there was also a young Argentinian prospect, Nestor Combin, who we will talk about again…


The season in numbers



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