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#OL70years: May 26 marks the birth of a new football club in Lyon ... Olympique Lyonnais

Published on 26 May 2020 at 8:00 AM
#OL70 ans : le 26 mai, la naissance d'un nouveau club de football à Lyon... l'Olympique Lyonnais
On, May 26, there are anniversaries that we never forget, dates that are forever written in history books. And the date of May 26, 1950 is very important for Olympique Lyonnais. An article in Le Progrès bears witness to this, however small at the time: it announced the birth of a new football club in Lyon.

Talks began in early May with the LOU of Félix Louot, the only professional club in the Lyon region.

The meetings follow one another, over the month: at the Brasserie de la République, at the Café Neuf Place Bellecour, under the supervision of the Veilleur de Pierre. There are around twenty of them, including Albert Trillat, who is credited with the idea for the name and the colors. Armand Groslevin is there too. In a few days he will become the first president of this new club.

On May 23, the name of Olympique Lyonnais is proposed, a club whose colors could be red and blue. OL was born.

On May 27 everything was signed, the statutes of the Lyonnais Olympic Association were signed and filed in the prefecture.


To celebrate this beautiful story together, we invite you, starting this Wednesday, to experience the different seasons of Olympique Lyonnais from 1950 to the present: history, the key matches, the player of the season, the top scorer, assist leader, to be enjoyed daily as we trace the club's journey from birth to adulthood.


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