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OL welcomes the return of La Liga

Published on 23 May 2020 at 9:47 PM
L’OL se félicite de la reprise de la Liga
Olympique Lyonnais welcomes the decision this Saturday by Pedro Sánchez, the Spanish President, as his government authorized the resumption of La Liga from June 8. After the Bundesliga, this will be the second major league in Europe to return to the pitch.

Javier Tebas, President of La Liga, who has always been of the opinion that "a premature end to the league season would be a nightmare and would only serve the interests of those who have a personal stake in it" has managed to fully implement the recommendations issued in his country by UEFA. During the various meetings at which these recommendations were given, French football was represented by the Director General of the FFF, Florence Hardouin and the Director General of the LFP, Didier Quillot.

Avoiding a looming economic and social disaster

Javier Tebas has explained that since La Liga had been susupended, a premature end to the season would be a very large economic and social disaster for Spanish football, one which he estimated at 1 billion euros in the event of an end to the season but "only" €300 million in the event that the league could resume play behind closed doors.

“In Spain, football is an important economic engine that we need to restart. If important economic sectors cannot return in a safe and controlled manner, they could end up disappearing. It could happen with professional football," said Javier Tebas.

La Liga working in coordination with the public authorities

The power of La Liga and the value of its leaders, but also the veracity and precision of the information given to the government so that it can help La Liga to resume had a major role in the final decision taken by the Spanish Prime Minister, who announced the resumption of play today.

Olympique Lyonnais hopes that the example of Spain, following that of Germany, will help authorities reconsider the decision taken too hastily in France.

We can reasonably imagine that the position of coaches and players in the French league is today much more in favor of a resumption of play than it had been during the UNFP poll conducted April 23 or when Didier Deschamps confided on April 27 to President Emmanuel Macron his reluctance and his fear for the players' health.

French teams at a disadvantage compared to their European competitors
Beyond the economic disaster that will hit the French league hard, the most successful French clubs are still qualified in the Champions League, and will find themselves at a disadvantage during their European matches. PSG and Olympique Lyonnais, both still in the competition with both of their teams, female and male, will be penalized against opponents who will have benefited from the resumption of their league seasons.

OL calls on President Emmanuel Macron to support the spirit of a France that should react to its European competitors. Thanks to the industry and efficiency of its citizens, France has pushed back the pandemic to allow the resumption of training under controlled circumstances and tomorrow we hope to compete on the pitch, as will be the case in almost all of the other European countries.

The decision, taken in a hurry, on April 30 can now be compensated for in the eyes of the French people if we know how to recognize that nothing is ever final, and we adopt the most appropriate solution in the interest of French professional football and therefore the French people.