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OL press release

Published on 22 May 2020 at 8:41 PM
Communique OL
Olympique Lyonnais takes note of the fact that the Administrative Court of Paris has declared itself incompetent on form concerning the appeals lodged by OL following the decisions taken by Ligue 1's Administrative Council on 30 April.

The Administrative Court stated that these decisions could only be challenged before the Council of State, which alone is competent to judge acts of a regulatory nature taken by authorities with national jurisdiction such as the LFP. 

Even if the decision of the Administrative Council was directly detrimental to Olympique Lyonnais, in particular the confirmation of the final league table, which has been confirmed by several court rulings, Olympique Lyonnais takes issue with the position of the Administrative Court of Paris, and as of Monday morning, will refer the matter to the Council of State, which has sole jurisdiction as the first and last resort. 

Olympique Lyonnais is surprised, however, that the LFP is delighted with the position of the Administrative Court this evening, even though the Court itself has in no way made any judgment on the merits of its request! This is something that therefore in no way changes the nature and basis of the actions brought by Olympique Lyonnais.