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Oumar Solet : "This injury strengthens my character"

Published on 20 May 2020 at 2:00 PM
Oumar Solet : « Cette blessure m’a forgé un caractère »
Victim of an ACL rupture in his left knee in January, Oumar Solet continues his rehabilitation in this very unique period. The defender, born in 2000, took the time to give an update on his progress and also took the opportunity to take stock of his career since his arrival at OL in 2018.

Oumar, how have you dealt with the ordeal that's arisen from your serious knee injury in January?

It’s a shock. It’s an injury I’ve never had. I could not believe it. It was a difficult period at the start. I got to work, I had work to do after the operation. There was no choice. The goal was to return at the highest level. I received a lot of messages when the news came, from friends, teammates, former coaches. It gave me strength, boosted my morale. I was glad that they thought of me. I thank them for that. This injury made me mature. It will serve me for the future and strengthen my character, my mind. It’s a new challenge, a test. The most important thing is to overcome it.


Where are you in your rehabilitation?

Right after the operation, I went to Clairefontaine to clear my head, and to see a little more of my family who are in Paris. I am in Lyon and I am working with the physiotherapist, Sylvain Rousseau. Everything is fine. I'm four and a half months along. I'm doing very well. There is no specific return date yet. If things continue like this, I could participate in training during the summer with an adapted recovery program. I’ve been working with the ball for a while but it’s not the most important thing. We had to find a baseline, benchmarks, to recognize good moments.


What memories do you have of your first minutes as a professional?

It was a real pleasure to play with the pros. I am ambitious. I always want to do more, to show more of what I can do. I came on during the match in Amiens. I take advantage of the time I am given. I hope to have more in the coming years. You don’t start playing overnight, you have to show a lot in training and have the confidence of the coach. It's not just on the pitch, it's as part of a whole. I want to help the team, to win trophies.


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How did you react to the decision to end the season in Ligue 1?

The decision was made too early in my opinion. It’s very disappointing not to play in Europe next season. I hope the league season will resume, that's all I want.


What do you think of your career since having joined OL in 2018?

I remember the Youth League. These are just good memories. It’s a great competition. I could show my abilities. I took the opportunity to flourish on the pitch, and to have fun. We didn't go as far last season. We could have done better, we had the team for it. I am happy with these Youth League experiences.


We also saw you look very comfortable in midfield ..

I adapt to the situation, no matter where the coach plays me. I can raise my level for the team. Some say I'm better in midfield, others in defense. I do not know. What is certain is that I can play in all positions.