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Fernando Marçal : "This puts strains on my season" (Part Two)

Published on 19 May 2020 at 10:00 AM
Fernando Marçal : « Cela met des tâches sur ma saison » (2/2)
Currently in Brazil for personal reasons, the Brazilian defender took some time out of his day to give us an update. Fernando Marçal also looked back on his season among difficult moments, injuries and very good performances.

Fernando, what do you think of your season?

I got injured several times. It was super hard to deal with, especially psychologically. I was doing the work to come back. I wanted to play and I couldn't. I am happy with my performances when I played, even if I played poorly at times. I scored an own goal while having a good game. I felt great. Against Paris, it's a very strange moment for me. I should  never have been sent off during the match against PSG. There was a penalty but it was a very harsh red. All this puts strains on my season. After December, I felt good. I had the confidence of the coach and the team. I am sad about the end of the league season because I had came back well.


You are also part of the eleven against ASSE and Juventus ...

I had a lot of self-confidence at the time. I also remember the comebacks against Leipzig and against OM. This shows that I always have self-confidence. I give all of myself . When I have confidence, everything goes normally. Against Juventus, we know we were playing a great team. Ronaldo shouldn't have been given an inch of space. We played with 12 players, the atmosphere was incredible. I am really happy with this match. This small advantage is super important before going to Turin. This match and the derby are my best memories.


How are you preparing for the return of football?

I continue to maintain my physical shape. I do physical work every week. It’s difficult but it’s important to stay in shape. I am well. We need to keep our spirits up. I don’t like to work alone. It's always better to work in a good mood, laughing with teammates.


Do you have a message for the supporters?

I want to thank them for the support, even off the pitch. They follow us from all over France or Europe. Our supporters are incredible. We have to take care of them. We will come back to give them happiness.