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Fernando Marçal : "I can't believe it" (Part One)

Published on 18 May 2020 at 10:00 AM
Fernando Marçal : « Je ne peux pas le croire » (1/2)
Currently in Brazil for personal reasons, the Brazilian defender has taken his time to give news of his situation in this difficult time. Fernando Marçal also expressed his misunderstanding regarding the decision to end the Ligue 1 season. The second part of this interview will be published Tuesday on

Fernando, how are you doing through this period?

I stay at home with my family. I try to do as little as possible outside. I came to Brazil for an appointment. I'm going back to Lyon next week. It's a difficult time, it's hard. We don't know about the virus. Many people are saying different things. There is worry over it, of course. We don't know what to do ... My activities at home? I cook a lot now. I’ve already read two books. I have more time to do this kind of thing. I also take the opportunity to spend time with my children. We play a lot, we do a lot of different things. This is something positive that has come about.


It’s also a period without football…

It’s horrible, I'm missing it a lot. I can't do without soccer. Usually when I get home from training, I’ll watch matches on TV, like a Premier League match or some other league. All the matches that are going on right now, I’ve already seen them. It is not the same.


How did you receive the news of the final decision of Ligue 1?

With much surprise. I thought we would take the time to come back but I never imagined that the league season would be stopped. I figured it wasn't possible when I found out. I can not believe it. It's sad. We chat a lot with the other players on a Whatsapp group. 95% of us thought the season would resume. We were super sad. We have a great team and we wanted to move up the table. It's horrible. The other leagues are ready to resume. There were only 10 matches left to play. We needed two months. Even if we do six weeks of training, it's not the same as friendlies. It will be very hard if we play against Juventus in early August.