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Camille Abily : "I quickly found my bearings"

Published on 19 May 2020 at 7:00 AM
Camille Abily : « J’ai vite retrouvé mes repères »
Jean-Luc Vasseur's assistant coach, Camille Abily, who had her first experience as part of a coaching staff, took stock of this very special season, both for the team and from a personal point of view.

Camille, how and when will the resumption of training be organized?

It's difficult. We're talking about mid-June at the moment and we hope so. The girls cannot train collectively. They do it by themselves because they are great professionals and they know the importance of maintaining their body. We are losing ground physically during this period. It's tough if one can't play and the rhythm of the matches is the most important thing. Even if they will be in physically good shape, there is also the matter of gathering information, the speed of execution in play, to be regained; these things take time. There will have been four months of stoppage. We could play Bayern soon after the restart; they have already returned to training, we will have to be very efficient over these six weeks of preparation. We are also talking about going to a country where the restrictions are lower to have a more normal football practice.


How was your experience in this, your first season as an assistant coach?

Very good. I quickly found my bearings. I had left the girls a year ago, even though we had stayed in touch. This year has been very rewarding. I came to know a staff who have a lot of experience. We are very complementary and that is what makes us strong. I would have liked to go to the end of the season. This is only a postponement.


How do you regard this season from a collective point of view?

We started the season off well with the Trophée des Championnes. It was not easy. It’s a trophy to start, and it binds the group together with a great sense of emotion. We know the importance of a positive state of mind. Then there were some difficulties from a physical point of view. The players had a lot of demands place on them following the World Cup. It was difficult to recover psychologically. But the objectives they have with OL have made it possible to switch something else. The draw against Dijon was a bit annoying. We could have missed out on the title, we have to be careful.