OLTV : The best of Gérard Houllier on OLNS

Published on 15 May 2020 at 6:00 PM
OLTV : les meilleurs passages de Gérard Houllier dans OLNS
Gérard Houllier, outside consultant to Jean-Michel Aulas, was Barth Ruzza's guest on OL Night System on Friday. Relive the best parts of their chat and watch the entire show on OL Play and Youtube.

The controversies over the decision to stop Ligue 1

There is a partnership between OM and PSG. And they hit hard. They have allies on their side. It was a plan to eliminate OL; all of this is being stifled. The state was involved. I find this very unfair. A season doesn't end like this. I have a little hope but I do not think that we will resume. It suits a lot of people, especially to see OL in trouble. But if everything goes well in Germany or England from June, we will look ridiculous because we will have been the only great nation to stop. The decision was too hasty, we could have waited.


The reasons for the difficulties in the league

We made a bad start to the season. We are still paying for it and it takes time to catch up. We could have done it at the end. OL were still performing well at the end of the season. We didn't always play very good matches. We lost two exceptional players due to injury, Memphis Depay who was our leader and Jeff Reine-Adélaïde. These were hard blows to overcome when we tried to move back up the table. We also lacked a cutting edge on the defensive and offensive sides of the ball. It all depends on defensive solidity… In all teams, it is individuals who make the difference. We are not going to hide, the quality of our play could have been better. Rudi Garcia took charge of the team at a time when their confidence was below zero. It takes time to build trust. He was on the right track.



You have to take advantage of this moment to rebuild a team that can play in the Champions League. Now’s the time to take risks, if unfortunately we don’t end up playing the European Cup next season. OL is a benchmark on the European level. When a player is approached as a recruit, he is attracted to the offer because the club gives him a guarantee to play in Europe in the following years. The team needs to be strengthened but also perhaps a general renewal and a new impetus because there are cycles over time. You will have to build a team with a different desire.