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14th title in D1: the reaction of Camille Abily

Published on 16 May 2020 at 3:57 PM
14ème titre de D1 : la réaction de Camille Abily
Jean-Luc Vasseur's assistant coach delivered her initial reaction to OL's club media following the confirmation of their 14th title as champions of France for the OL women's team. To follow early next week, there will be a full interview with Camille Abily who talks about this very special season, both for the team and from a personal point of view.

The reaction of Camille Abily

This title shows that we were in the right position at the right time. We would all have liked to finish the season, for fairness. Nothing was taken for granted because it would have been necessary to earn a result against PSG, at least a draw. But it shows the consistency of the team and it is a continuation of what OL has been doing for many years. This title is obviously different. The trophies received one the pitch are very special moments. There is of course a feeling of frustration. In March, the best matches are played. These are the fateful moments, with the big matches that we want to play like the Champions League or against PSG that were on the horizon. We are preparing to play these kinds of matches. We deprive the girls of these moments, it's a shame ... There is still a possibility of playing in the Champions League. It's great, we keep that as a goal. But it's still special. It will not be the same atmosphere with matches behind closed doors. The motivation to seek a new European title will be there. The Coupe de France has not yet been canceled. It's another title to go after.