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Bruno Guimarães : "When I play, I represent the love of the supporters" (Part Two)

Published on 14 May 2020 at 7:00 AM
Bruno Guimarães : « Quand je joue, je représente l’amour des supporters » (2/2)
Signed during the winter transfer window, Bruno Guimarães already feels at home. The 22-year-old Brazilian was as quickly adopted by supporters as he has adapted to his new environment, having impressed during his first performances. Speaking to OL's in-house media, the midfielder has agreed to look back, in length and with a few words in French, about his beginnings with the club. Part two.

Bruno, how do you explain your already special relationship with the supporters?

Before my arrival at OL, the supporters already had great affection for me. They had made themselves known on my social media accounts. I had already felt their love, their affection, even in Brazil. I have felt it in every match I have played. It is now up to me to give back to them on the pitch all the joy they give me. I cannot speak French with them yet, but I am learning ... I already had a very good relationship with the supporters of the club for which I played in Brazil. I was an idol to the fans.


Does that put extra pressure on you?

I do not think so. I will return to the pitch to give everything and play my best football. I know that when I play for the club, that I wear this jersey, and that I represent the love of these supporters for the club. It's up to me to give it back to them.



Were you surprised by your being called up to the Brazilian national team, just before the stop in play?

I knew I was already on the coach’s radar area before I came to OL. I have progressed with the team by playing good matches. I was called up following these matches with a great deal of satisfaction. It was wonderful. It was an emotional moment. I was very happy. It was my dream but also that of my family. And family is everything to me ... I agree with the postponement of the Olympic Games. We have to preserve lives. I hope they will keep the same year of birth so that I can participate next summer. I want to play in the Olympics. It's a dream for me.