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Bruno Guimarães : "Football is the same everywhere" (Part One)

Published on 13 May 2020 at 7:00 AM
Bruno Guimarães : « Le foot est le même partout » (1/2)
Recruited during the winter transfer window, Bruno Guimarães already feels at home. The 22-year-old Brazilian, as quickly adopted by supporters as he has adapted to his new environment, has impressed during his first performances with OL. Speaking to club media, the midfielder has agreed to look back, at length and even with a few words in French, on his beginnings with the club. Part One.

Bruno, how have you been dealing with the current period?

It's very difficult. We weren't able to train. I’ve never experienced such a thing. I live with friends. My family is in Rio, Brazil. After confinement, my family will join me in Lyon ... I don't know how to cook. I only ate ... I bought a dog. They will deliver it to me.


What was your reaction after the decision to stop Ligue 1?

It's very sad. I also see that in other countries, football will resume. I think there is a little injustice. We could have waited. We had ambitions this season. It really leaves me feeling sad, like the whole team. Staying in the Champions League gives hope. I want to play. I miss football a lot. I hope we can play against Juventus.


How do you judge your start on the pitch with OL?

I am very happy with my beginnings. We played some great matches, such as the derby, PSG, Juventus. I love my team and the people we work with. I also love this city. I am not surprised by my adaptation coming so quickly on the pitch. I think soccer is the same everywhere, soccer is soccer. I am very happy with my integration. Things went better than I could imagine. But I knew that I came to play for a big club, with a great fanbase which is there to support its players. I am not surprised, I knew that these supporters were passionate.