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Première Ligue press briefing: OL wishes for clarification

Published on 10 May 2020 at 11:50 PM
Point presse de Première League : l’OL précise
Olympique Lyonnais is surprised by remarks made by Loïc Féry, Nicolas Holveck and Bernard Caïazzo during a press conference by Première Ligue which took place this Sunday.

The Première Ligue syndicate represents several currents of thought, and yet, in its press conference today, its President Bernard Caïazzo surrounded himself with two presidents, Loïc Féry and Nicolas Holveck, who, like him, are both happy with this premature termination of the championship, which allows them to avoid a contestable decision to reach their objectives as of the end of the 28th matchday when they had no certainty of doing so if the season were to have reached its end.

The League took this premature decision which penalizes in sporting and economic terms a large number of French clubs while other institutions have done everything possible to ensure that their events which are part of the heritage of French sport, those such as Roland Garros or the Tour de France, will take place in the coming months.

Bernard Caiazzo said "currently we have no choice but to listen to the Government". Still, had full information been given to the Minister of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, who explained her decision last Tuesday on L'Equipe TV "the season was due to end on August 3, because of the dates imposed by the UEFA”?

Indeed, even if UEFA had initially indicated this date of August 3, the European authority had then specified "that if it was possible to finish the championship during August or early September" by giving a certain number of instructions "not to rush to decide and play things through on sporting merit to their end. "
Another error was that on April 28 in the daily Le Télégrame that Noël Le Graët declared "Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 definitively stopped".

In addition, the FFF and the LFP are planning to play the French Cup and Coupe de la Ligue finals in August while UEFA continues to host the final stages of the Champions League.

It was therefore quite possible to envisage another scenario allowing the championship to end in August, for example with a play-off system, subject of course to the development of the health situation and while respecting the instructions given by the government.
Olympique Lyonnais continues to think that French football is currently moving in the wrong direction but that it may not be too late to try to imagine, in the light of what is happening everywhere in Europe, something that is coherent in political, health and sport terms.