OLTV : The best of Anthony Lopes on OLNS

Published on 08 May 2020 at 9:00 AM
OLTV : les meilleurs passages d'Anthony Lopes dans OLNS
Anthony Lopes was Barth Ruzza's guest on OL Night System on Thursday. Relive the best parts of their discussion, and watch the entire show on OL Play and Youtube.

Your memories of the first league title

It was wonderful. I didn't have my own place for the match against Lens. I watched it in a room with lots of friends. It was a moment of incredible joy. We lived and breathed OL every day. I was already a fan. My father gave me a taste for football. I played very young and the colors red and blue immediately spoke to me. Being a professional at OL has always been a dream.


Your winning character

I’ve had the chance to work with very very big players, whether at OL or in the Portuguese national team. I was inspired by them. I have known Juninho, Greg Coupet, Cris ... It’s a matter of strength for me. I have learned through working with them. You always have to be inspired by those with more experience to improve.


Facing competition as a goalkeeper

I played a season as the backup goalkeeper when Hugo Llloris left and Rémy Vercoutre took his place. When you are young, your only desire is to show what you are capable of during training. The goal is also to draw inspiration from the number one. I had the chance to rub shoulders with Hugo Lloris and train with him every day. I learned a lot during this period. I have played for many years with Mathieu Gorgelin. I did all of my training as a young player with him. He was 100% behind me. He pushed me to be strong mentally, to be better.


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