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OL Football Community : Jeonbuk Hyundai MFC starts their season

Published on 07 May 2020 at 4:00 PM
OL Football Community : le Jeonbuk Hyundai MFC lance sa saison
While the K-League resumes its season in a very unique context, the president of the Jeonbuk Hyundai MFC, Byung Gil Heo granted an interview to discuss this situation but also to speak about the ambitions of the South Korean club, a partner of OL since 2014 , with a sixth title in seven seasons the target. The first meeting of the season against Suwon is live on Youtube this Friday from 12 noon.

"With a layoff of more than 2 months, what steps have been taken to start this K-League season?

All sports have been stopped across the world given the global pandemic, however the K-League will resume on May 8, fulfilling the wishes of all those who wish to watch our league. In this context, with worldwide attention around the recovery, we are very excited to play this match.

Will fans be allowed to come to the stadium?

The matches will for now be played behind closed doors although everyone hopes that this crisis will be ended quickly to allow the return of our supporters to our stadiums. Fans are of course disappointed but understand this situation due to the pandemic. We hope to be able to welcome them soon to the Jeonju World Cup Stadium.


How did you adapt your preseason? When did the team resume training?

In the case of the K-League, we must follow the instructions of the government through social distancing and having a responsible attitude. We have adapted all of these measures to Jeonbuk by carrying out check-ups for the players but also for all members of the club to help maintain training. We were thus able to maintain a training program from the start of the crisis.

What are the main safety measures being applied around matches?

First, access to the training center has been severely limited and controlled for all outside visitors and club employees. The training center is sterilized as a precaution every week, and temperature measurements are taken at each round trip to and from our facilities. Disinfectant dispensers have also been installed for all of our buildings. Finally, we have developed an internal campaign to raise awareness of distancing measures among club employees in order to protect ourselves as much as possible from the pandemic.


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What are Jeonbuk's goal this season?

Jeonbuk is the defending champion, having won, like OL, 7 titles in its history. Our philosophy is to win every possible title on the national level (K-League and South Korean Cup) every year, but also on the continental level with the AFC Champions League. We therefore hope to win a 4th consecutive title of this season.


How has the team changed since the last title?

We have strengthened ourselves by recruiting last season's MVP, Kim BOKYUNG, the Japanese player KUNIMOTO, in order to strengthen our midfield and increase our quality in terms of passing. We are also pleased to welcome the top second division scorer Jo GUESUNG who, we hope, will have the same trajectory at the club as our legend Lee DOGNGOOK.

How do you see the team of Suwon, your first opponent this season?

The opening match is a big one since SUWON won the national cup the previous season. We will do everything to start in the best possible way and defend our title as  champions.

JHMFC and OL have had a partnership for 6 years. Can you tell us what this cooperation has brought to your club?

OL is one of the best benchmarks in terms of training across the world. This cooperation, in place since 2014, has enabled numerous exchanges to continue to strengthen our academy and our training model.