OLTV : The best of Alain Caveglia on OLNS

Published on 05 May 2020 at 6:00 PM
OLTV : les meilleurs passages d'Alain Caveglia dans OLNS
Alain Caveglia, the former OL legend, was Barth Ruzza's guest on OL Night System on Tuesday. Relive the best parts of the interview here and watch the entire show on OL Play and Youtube.

Your status in Lyon

"I don't think I'm an idol. The supporters saw themselves in me I think. I never cheated in terms of my effort. I tried to be as close to them as possible. I knew how they felt because when I was little, I went to the Gerland with my father and my brother and then with my friends from Minguettes. I'm close to them. "


The return to OL in 1996

"I didn't take it as an affront when I was told things were at an end with OL. I signed for Gueugnon in the Second Division because it was the closest to Lyon. That was one of the reasons. It was not a matter of revenge when I returned afterwards. But I always thought I would come back to OL. There had been contacts the year before. I wanted to play in the Stade Gerland in the OL jersey. We didn't win titles but one season, we finished third. We were a group of friends. We had less quality but taking into account our values, we could transcend our ability ... My second return, in 2000, was very tough for me. I arrived with Nantes, I was coming back from injury. I needed six months to regain my sense of place on the pitch, the pleasure of playing. It was difficult for me, for my family. "


A message to the supporters

"I want to say thank you for always being behind me. Even when I left for Nantes and Le Havre, I always had messages from Lyon's supporters. I even remember a time when they came to see me play for a match in Nantes. They must continue to encourage OL, it’s super important. "