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Coupe de la Ligue 2001 : Those who won the title tell about it

Published on 05 May 2020 at 9:30 AM
Coupe de la Ligue 2001 : ceux qui ont écrit l’histoire racontent
19 years ago today, OL went to the Stade de France with 40,000 supporters and won its first Coupe de la Ligue and the first trophy of the Jean-Michel Aulas era thanks to a goal in the last seconds of the added time against Monaco. To relive this moment that launched the legend, the editorial team has gone back into the archives to find the stories of those who made May 5 a special date for the fans of Lyon.

 Grégory Coupet

"It was the beginning of winning titles, a path forward. It was the one that started it all. There was this thirst to win. The match showed that we didn't let go of anything. We were a collectively strong team with Sonny Anderson, a huge player. I also remember that "Flo" (Laville) was not playing, but that he was with us. Yes, a great collective effort. The celebrations were beautiful, massive. "


 Claudio Caçapa

“Seeing my goal in the Coupe de la Ligue final gives me chills. It’s one of the best moments of my life. These are images that will remain engraved in my head. Before this final, I didn't play much, I was wondering (if I would have a chance). And suddenly the coach had decided to start me in the final. I scored the first goal that changed the game. The president told me after that that I was staying at OL. It’s a very important moment for me. Then after when we had the trophy and there were all the supporters around us in Lyon, it was incredible. "


coupe de la ligue 2001 joie


Jacques Santini

“Everything is going very fast in football. The day before the final, I gathered my players in the locker room at Saint-Denis to ask them to savor these special moments. And when I touched the cup, I told myself that I was the first coach to bring a trophy to Jean-Michel Aulas. However, I internalized it as well and kept it as a moment also for the people in my family. But I was really in a completely jubilant state. Sometimes it's a matter of revenge ... A week later, we hosted Strasbourg. It was May 12 and, coming on to the pitch, I saw a large banner that said "Thank you Mr. Santini". It is rare that a coach is associated like that with a moment of success, especially when he is from Saint Etienne like me ... It is one of my strongest memories of the Gerland. "


coupe de la ligue 2001 aulas santini



"It is a very special memory for me. I had just arrived at the club. There were also Claudio (Cacapa) and Sonny (Anderson). It was the club’s first title in a long time. It was the first title before the others, those of the very special seasons Olympian seasons. I also remember Claudio's goal. He had arrived at OL on loan. After this final, he signed for OL permanently. Yes, I retain this joyful memory of my friend ”.


Sonny Anderson

“I remember that Monaco's Rodriguez hadn't let me go for a second. I had cramps. And then, just before the end of the match, he left me a little space. I said go for it, go as far as possible, get into the penalty area! I went for it, raised my head; there was Pat (Müller); I made the pass. He scored the winning goal. At that moment we realized that we had won. Afterwards, we went to get the Cup with "Flo" and the guys."


coupe de la ligue 2001 trophee


Christophe Delmotte

"I came on in the 118th minute to  seal the result win the aerial duels and thus help my teammates as coach Santini had asked me to do. I remember returning to Lyon by train. A train entirely chartered for the Lyonnais: both players and supporters. We made the supporters drink from the cup. It was a great adventure! The next day, at City Hall, we sang “Boogie-Woogie” by Eddy Mitchell, taken up by all the supporters present that day… It was a human tide, an osmosis of a special moment between the fans and the players, which will remain etched in my memory. "


coupe de la ligue 2001 cacapa muller


Philippe Violeau

"A Cup final is always special, different from a league title. It was the first trophy for OL in a very long time. There was an extraordinary fervor around this final. We were superbly supported by the fans and what a welcome we received on returning to Lyon. The match had been hotly contested. We had to work hard to pull away. The defenders had helped the attackers to score the two goals. There was a desire to get things done in the end. It was the start of a great adventure. We were in the midst of building a team, we had fewer qualities in the squad than there would be later. We were a group of friends who pulled in the same direction. It was a human adventure shared with all the members of the team and with the supporters ”.


Jean-Marc Chanelet

“Before the end of the match, I knew that victory was possible for us. I felt that we had a psychological advantage against Monaco. Joy overtook all the supporters and players. I remember this fervor. The whole stadium was committed to our cause. I always remember the ferocious goal of "Pat" Müller. I was blown away by all of this enthusiasm. The whole city was behind us. "Les Gones" congratulated us and made us very happy. "