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Rudi Garcia on OLNS : "It was especially necessary to wait"

Published on 05 May 2020 at 8:01 AM
Rudi Garcia dans OLNS : « Il était surtout urgent d’attendre »
Rudi Garcia, OL's coach, was Barth Ruzza's guest on OL Night System. Relive the best parts of this moment and watch the entire show on OL Play and Youtube.

The end of Ligue 1

"We are awaiting decisions but some have already been taken, such as ending the league season and not resuming it. The priority is health. I hope to have fans in the stadiums as soon as possible. But apart from the Netherlands, we are the only country to have taken this decision. I think it was necessary to wait. It was necessary to consult with the other European leagues. There is not much collaboration in Europe, in making decisions together. Imagine that Italy resumes training as it hopes to and finishes its league season, we could then play a Round of 16 match in the Champions League without a match for preparation when Juventus will have played 12. We really wanted to resume the season, we are frustrated. I agreed not to resume if the health of people was not preserved. But we had time. "

A possible step backwards?

"It’s pretty frustrating. There are uncertainties. Are we going to continue in the Champions League and are we going to play the final of the Coupe de la Ligue and when? We risk being penalized. The economic planning is important for all of the clubs and Jean-Michel Aulas always speaks on this subject. I am take care of the sporting plan. With the players and the staff, we wanted to start again. We had to wait and see. Things were imposed on us. We must respect this decision but we are entitled to look at what is happening elsewhere in Europe. "

The project upon your arrival

"I am proud that OL's board came to offer to have me take over the team during the season. The team was in big trouble, one point from last place. We haven't done everything well since, but we reached the semi-final of the Coupe de France, the final of the Coupe de la Ligue and we beat Juventus in the Round of 16 first leg in the Champions League. In the league, we were not yet where we wanted to be but there were still 10 matches left, including six at home. The injuries also hurt us a bit. I met Juninho during my interview. We talked about football, styles of play. Everything went well. I didn’t realize how difficult it could be to come from OM, both for the Marseille fans and for the Lyonnais. I admit that I was a bit naive. I am very proud to be with this club, one that I have always considered one of the best in France. What Jean-Michel Aulas has built is magnificent. I have been true to  myself, I always advocate the same style football. Offensive football, attacking through possession. "


The job of a manager

"I have character, I don't lack it. I am present, I fight, I am combative. The priority is to get the team to work well, get them to join together and make them play well. That is the most important thing. You have to move forward ".


The summer transfer window

"We still have to build the team. We improved the team in the winter transfer window with Bruno Guimaraes and Toko Ekambi. At the club, we agree on wanting to keep Karl. I don't know how summer is going to be. This will be a very unique transfer window. We have a good squad, and we are ready to respond well to next season. We will have a great season. I am very ambitious about OL. We will work had to acheive those ambitions. The players have contracts and they are happy at OL. I have no questions over departures. If we don’t play in Europe, it may be more difficult to attract players. "


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