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OLTV : The best of Tony Parker on OLNS

Published on 01 May 2020 at 6:00 PM
OLTV : les meilleurs passages de Tony Parker dans OLNS
Tony Parker, President of LDLC ASVEL, was Barth Ruzza's guest on OL Night System this evening. Read the best moments from their conversation, and watch the entire show on OL Play or Youtube.

Your contribution to the OL group

"I know the importance of this role and I don't take it lightly. Jean-Michel Aulas is someone I respect a lot. He has done something unique. I’d just like to bring it to the international level now, to make OL as known as a Real,  a Barça, have  it be a recognized brand. I still have a lot of ambitions, just like Jean-Michel Aulas. There is no limit to what one can do. I’m really excited about the idea of continuing to grow this club internationally. My first missions were to buy a club in the United States, which has already been done, and a club in China but also to promote the group internationally. I will be speaking with people in the United States along these lines. It's not just football and basketball. There is also esport and tennis to come. You just have to be patient, climbing little by little. "


Your convictions

“When you speak from the heart and you are passionate, you cannot go wrong. People know this, they feel it. I have always been in favor of bringing people togeter because unity is strength. It’s something natural for me. When you want to experience a moment of great humanity, you have to have values. I think that since I arrived at OL, people have seen my passion for sport. My goal is to make French sport grow. I wanted to invest in my country because I am grateful. "


Your relationships with OL's players

“I cannot say that I know them personally. I’ve already met them all and I’ve been in the locker room several times with the President. I look forward to developing these relationships further. I am a president who likes to be close to his players. I talk to them all. They have my number, they can contact me when they want. I'm close to them. I hope that I can develop my relationship with OL's players. I like to keep this family spirit, these values. "


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