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Marcelo : "My mind was free again"

Published on 30 April 2020 at 2:00 PM
Marcelo : « J’avais de nouveau la tête libre »
Brazilian central defender Marcelo granted an interview from his home. In French, he reflected on the current period and his season to date, waiting to learn more about the resumption of football, before leaving a touching message to the supporters.

Marcelo, how have you spent this long period of confinement ?

It’s very difficult for everyone. It's hard to stay at home all the time. We cannot go to the pitch to do our work. I hope this period will pass quickly. I am exercising. I also read a lot at the moment. I'm studying the financial market. I take advantage of this time to be with my family and my children, things that I don't necessarily have the time to usually do. There is a bit of concern but things are normal. We have had to change our habits. I have been doing a little meditation, it helps a lot.


Did the start of a break without football do you any good?

No ... football is our life. Physically, we will have recovered. But mentally, all players need to train, to play. The adrenaline one gets when playing soccer is very important to us.


What do you think of this season?

This season has been difficult personally. I haven't had a lot of playing time. It's competition, it's normal. I have experienced this before. I also had a difficult time with some supporters, but that's settled now. Everything is fine. I’ve played very well in the last 6-7 games. My mind was free again. It’s important for a player to know everyone was behind me.


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What are your qualities, your strengths that allowed you to come back?

It’s the head, the mind. It's all mental. When one is calm in one's mind, one plays much better. Confidence is very important on the pitch. This period has made me grow. It’s hard to ask for forgiveness when something bad happens. But I matured. This experience has allowed me to see things differently.


What is your best memory of this season?

The match against Juventus in the Champions League was very good. The team played at 100%. It was a pleasure. We played a great match. It was a beautiful atmosphere in our stadium.


A message for the supporters…

We must remain positive, this period will pass. We know that life without football is difficult. I'm in a hurry to reach next season to see the fans again in the stadiums. We will fight to do good things. Thank you to them for everything they do for us. And if I did something against them, I beg their pardon.