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Farid Benstiti : "I watch matches every day" (Part one)

Published on 27 April 2020 at 12:00 PM
Farid Benstiti : « Je mange des matches, je suis à fond » (1ère partie)
From the United States and the city of Seattle, Farid Benstiti continues to prepare for OL Reign's next season despite the confinement. The coach of OL’s American women's football franchise takes stock of his team’s situation. The second part of the interview can be found Tuesday on OL.fr.

Farid, where is your OL Reign team at this time of confinement?

We took the lead. We tried to anticipate. Players can train in groups of two, without changing groups. This avoids infecting the others by limiting exchanges. The facilities where they were training have been closed so they have to find a new place to do so. They each have an individual physical program. They also do training with the ball.


What is your role and your job during this break in the season?

With the staff, we are trying to move the work forward to prepare for the season. I decided to present the principles of the game to my players to save time because we cannot do it on the pitch. I have made videos on defensive and offensive movement. I send messages to players to keep in touch. This social bond must be maintained, it is important, especially for the youngest of them. We make a point every three days to check in. This period gives me time to study my team and the opponents. I watch matches every day, I'm into it. I watch the international sides and the club teams.

Farid Benstiti