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Farid Benstiti : "Difficult to plan out recruitment" (Part two)

Published on 28 April 2020 at 12:00 PM
Farid Benstiti : « Difficile de se projeter pour le recrutement » (2nde partie)
In the United States and the city of Seattle, Farid Benstiti continues to prepare for OL Reign's next season despite the current period of confinement. The coach of OL’s American women's football franchise spoke of the need for recovery and recruitment.

Farid, is it possible to resume training in the coming days?

There is nothing official but there is talk of a return on May 11; we do not know under what conditions. Maybe we would resume in groups of five with a coach with the possibility of having a speaker. It’s very important for us to help ourselves. That’s what we're saying. In any case, we are prepaing with this in mind. I'm waiting for news on the subject of resumption of training.


And a return to competition?

Not in May, for sure. Maybe late June or early July. The league season would be condensed but there was never any question of canceling it. Pragmatically, they think it would be very negative to cancel it. We are not talking about playing behind closed doors. Americans cannot imagine playing behind closed doors because sport is a spectacle. Everyone is against it. The show comes first here. If there is a federal decision, they will stick to it, but that is not the idea.


Does this health crisis affect recruitment?

Obtaining a visa is something that's highly regulated. Shirley Cruz's visa is delayed as a result of this virus. We don't know if she will be here when play resumes. Travel between Europe and the United States will be difficult. The players are having a hard time making these decisions. If a player is interested, it is also difficult for us because we do not know when she can come here. We cannot really look forward at recruitment even if we have moved ahead. With the cancellation of the Olympics, I'm going to have all of my American players. It’s a positive thing. There are also other players who have stayed in the United States and the injured players have had more rehabilitation and recovery time. This is also a positive thing for us.