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Lucas Tousart : "Part worry and part envy" (Part one)

Published on 24 April 2020 at 6:00 PM
Lucas Tousart : « Une part d’inquiétude et une part d’envie » (1ère partie)
Loaned until the end of the season to OL after his transfer to Hertha Berlin, Lucas Tousart gave a long interview to OL's club media to talk about his daily life, his current situation but also to reconsider the moments that have marked his adventure in Lyon. The second part will be published Monday on

Lucas, have you completely changed your habits during this period?

No, not necessarily. It’s a long time so you have to find activities to distract yourself and keep your mind clear. It’s not easy every day. I am lucky to have a beautiful environment in which to live. I can not complain. Normally, there is no time to have down time at home, to be at home. I do a little gardening; I usually don't have the time and energy to travel. I like it and it occupies my days.


How have you welcomed this period without football?

Mentally, it's a burden to be in a state of uncertainty. We don't know where we're going to go. Physically, it does little good because there are sustained rates of activity during the season. I have had plenty of time to recover. So this period is rather negative. It gets on our nerves and it's stressful. There are lots of uncertainties. It is not known if the health situation will improve, nor what will happen afterwards. It’s hard for everyone to see the future clearly. We ask ourselves a lot of questions. We don’t know what’s going to change in the future.


What are your daily activities?

I'm not too much of a video game person. The weather is nice at the moment too so I prefer to be outside. We cook a lot. I don't have time to do it normally. I prepare good dishes to have fun with while being as healthy as possible. I have tried different kinds of lasagne. For dessert, we are making tiramisu with red fruits. I try to do daily exercises to keep in shape. We will have to be ready when the league resumes.


How are you approaching the potential end of confinement?

There is an element of worry and an element of envy. We want to return to the pitch but we want to know how, or under what conditions, or even if it will be difficult in the terms of training. There are too many uncertainties even if the staff and the doctors are preparing things for our return. We are hearing everything and its opposite about the end of confinement. We're in the dark. It’s difficult to be living this way day by day. This concerns all French people.


There is also a match in Turin to play in the Champions League…

We can’t imagine going there in the near future. There are many things that come into play. We are not decision-makers. There is a risk of a second wave of contamination and it cannot be quantified. It’s a touchy subject. We see this with an outsider's eye. There are many problems and few solutions at the moment.