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OL in the Top 3 Favorite French Clubs

Published on 24 April 2020 at 11:34 AM
L'OL dans le Top 3 des Clubs favoris des Français
The Ipsos polling institute carried out a survey on the image of professional clubs on behalf of the LFP and the Premier League. For the 2nd consecutive year, Olympique Lyonnais is on the podium among French clubs.

Interest in the Club

Unsurprisingly and as it had been the last few seasons, OL are the third favorite club among French teams: 56% of those polled declared themselves interested in OL which constitutes a strong attraction and is, by a wide margin, above the other clubs of L1 Conforma, who have an average of 35% (+ 2pts). The club therefore remains firmly in place on the podium.

OL are also among the top 3 clubs in 6 regions out of 12: 66% (+ 2pts) of those polled in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region are interested in OL and 56% exclusively support the Club: a score that remains significantly higher than the average observed for all clubs (44%).

In addition, 13% of French respondents say they support Olympique Lyonnais, of which 30% of those are exclusive supporters.

The club's image

73% of those interested in football have a good impression of OL: it has a place that is thus quite solid, and systematically above the average of the scores observed for the whole of Ligue 1, and particularly homogeneous.

OL ranks first in terms of its image as a training club (79%), playing attractive football (77%) and is on the second step of the podium in terms of being an ambitious club (80%), and one that is dynamic (78%) ) and prestigious (77%).

Importantly, more than half of those questioned identified OL as a club engaged in the civic and social field thanks to the actions of its foundation.

In terms of "Advocacy" the number of defenders also remains at a very high level: 53% of people would say good things about the club if asked. Olympique Lyonnais are in 2nd place among all the clubs in L1 Conforama. In comparison, the average for all clubs is 43%.

The women's team

Unsurprisingly, and given its excellent results season after season, Olympique Lyonnais women’s team leads the rankings and is the one that arouses the most interest among football fans.

31% of those questioned have an interest in OL's women's team, compared to an average of 14% for other clubs with a women's team.

Following the matches of Olympique Lyonnais

This season, more and more French people (47%, + 2pts vs last year and a record for the club) declare that they regularly watch OL's matches or match highlights on TV or on the internet.

This trend is also found as regards OLTV, with 16% of people interested in the club who say they watch OLTV (+ 2 pts compared to last season).


IPSOS survey carried out in November and December 2019 on behalf of the LFP and PREMIER LEAGUE on the public image of professional football clubs, from a sample of 5,000 French people aged 16 to 75 and interested in football.