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Amandine Henry : "It's getting harder and harder to win trophies"

Published on 23 April 2020 at 12:00 PM
Amandine Henry : « De plus en plus dur de gagner des trophées »
Women's team midfielder Amandine Henry took advantage of this period without football to talk about her daily life, and in particular the current season ... while waiting to learn more about about what's next.

"Amandine, how is your confinement going?"

It's going pretty well. I am working to maintain my fitness, keep in shape. I wake up in the morning, have my classic breakfast and then do some physical activity. Either on the exercise bike, a short run around the house or strength training. We try to mix it up a bit ... There are things we used to put off every day due to lack of time such as tidying up the house. We're trying to rearrange the closets, test new recipes or play video games, things I don't usually do in normal times.


Do you feel you're missing something linked to football?

At the moment, I'm not too bored. I have nothing to complain about, we have no right to do so. I am thinking of the medical staff and the people who are alone in hospitals. I am trying to stay positive ... The first few days without football were good. But from there it's started to be long. Especially since we don't know what's next: when we're going to start again, how. There are many questions which don't have answers yet.



Precisely, how would you welcome the end of the league season?

An injustice ? Yes and no. The priority is health, soccer is secondary. But we have played more than half of the league season and have important matches and trophies to win. We work daily to play big matches. If the boys restart and not us, yes there will be a form of injustice.


What has stood out the most for you this season?


It's getting harder and harder to win trophies. We are held to a draw by more teams. Many teams are strengthening, are tougher defensively. It's more difficult to score the first goal. I was surprised by this. We are still in first but the gap is narrowing. If we resume, there will be big matches straight away. I do not know if there will be the desired level of quality. We may be frustrated.


Avez-vous gardé le contact entre coéquipières ?

Yes, we created a group on the social networks. We try to keep up to date with each other, give each other small challenges in terms of sport. We keep in touch, it's important.



Do you have a message for those on the front lines during this crisis?

I support them. It may be a job in the shadows, like cashiers, but they're super important. This is what is keeping us alive right now. For the medical staff, I have no words except thank you. Courage to them, we're all with them. We have to stay at home. That's the heart of it.


… and for Lyon's fans?

I hope to see you again soon. We thank you for what you do every day. We are thinking of you and we can't wait for the show to start again. "