OLTV : The best of Léo Dubois on OLNS

Published on 23 April 2020 at 8:00 AM
OLTV : les meilleurs passages de Léo Dubois dans OLNS
Léo Dubois was the guest of Barth Ruzza on OL Night System on Wednesday. Relive the best moments here; the entire show can be found on OL Play and Youtube.

Your character as a leader

"It's a bit in spite of myself. It’s my character that wants it that way. It tires me sometimes when I take things too seriously. I could move on quickly, but I'm a perfectionist, I have to finalize something as best as possible. I am always like this. It’s not all negative. This is what keeps me going day to day. I need to feel pushed, even sometimes in a bit of danger. This is what makes me react, grow in my ability to reflect on myself and consider others. It’s sometimes exhausting for me and others. I am the same in my daily life. "


The derby

"When you haven't experienced it, you can't know it, you can't know exactly what it is. Everyone has their opinion. It’s something huge. I remember the season in Saint-Etienne where we won at the last minute. It was fantastic. It was my first derby and I will never forget it. The enthusiasm, the atmosphere around the victory, the club's employees, the fans ... these are all the emotions that make me love football. That is the most important thing. "

Your coming off injured in the derby

"I didn't necessarily communicate well during the interview during the match. There were international callups after and some made the link between the two. I couldn't play with the France team either. If I could have helped the team finish the match, I would have done it. But I didn't feel 100%. It's not my mentality. If I had expressed my pain better, the criticism on Twitter may not have taken place. "