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Anthony Lopes : "It is this responsibility that I like"

Published on 22 April 2020 at 8:00 AM
Anthony Lopes : « C’est cette responsabilité-là que j’aime bien »
Confined to his home with his wife and children, Anthony Lopes gave an update to OL's club media. He talked about the time he spends with his family but also about football, and the season, to which he can't wait to return.

Anthony, how are you dealing with this confinement?

"We are all having a bit of a tough time. Such a situation is difficult. We are respect the authorities' instructions. Our habits are completely changing. We are not often at home during "normal" times. For quite some time now, it's been just the opposite. A new routine has been put into place since the start of containment. We have adapted to the situation. It feels good to stay with one's family and live with them every day. There are fewer things that I like to do. I do a lot of things in normal times. I try to get my hands on everything I can and live as I normally would.


If you had to offer a positive point in this confinement ...

Being with my family, my wife and my children. This allows me to spend my days with them. I follow the progress of my children at school with the exercises they have to do during the day given by the teachers. I learn alongside them and I see what they can do.


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Do you feel you're lacking something in football?

It’s hard because football plays a big part in our lives, whether at home or on the pitch. When we get together, we talk football all the time. Right now, it's a little more difficult. We are locked up at home. We must defeat this virus to be able to find ourselves again quickly because football is sorely missed.


What's your opinion on this season from both a team and personal point of view?

It’s a mixed season. In the league, it's been a roller-coaster. We need to be in a better place ... I'm realistic about that. I am not particularly happy with what I have done since the start of the season. There have been ups and downs. I am here for what the team is trying to do. It's a little tough. I am very competitive. It’s been a pretty average season, not even satisfactory.

You are marking your 20th year at OL since your arrival in 2000 at the training center. Could you have imagined making such a journey?

I was hoping for it. I imagined it in my dreams. I proudly wear these colors. I am completely satisfied with what I have been able to do at OL from the start.


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Among everything you've accomplished so far, what makes you the most proud?

To have played so many matches. I have an individual goal which is to play as many matches as possible in the Lyon jersey. It’s up to me to show that I’m always there and that I can be even better match after match, year after year. I don’t know if I’m an iconic OL player. It is not up to me to decide. Being on the list of the 10 players who have played the most matches with OL makes me very happy, but I do not stop there and I still want to climb the rankings. I know the club very well. I’ve always had the same role. I assume my responsibilities. I am a leader of the group. When there are difficult moments, it's up to me to keep the ship afloat and get us to set off again, together. It’s this responsibility that I like, while staying focused on my performance.


What was the most difficult sacrifice to make on this journey?

These are daily sacrifices above all. I am very family-oriented. Not being with my family often is difficult. This is the most difficult part of my career.


How do you see the rest of the season?

We're all in the dark, there are a lot of question marks. Whatever happens, I’m ready to start again. We hope to see the fans again as soon as possible. Playing in an empty stadium is not part of football. It’s a show for them, above all.