OLTV : The best of Karim Benzema on OLNS

Published on 17 April 2020 at 6:50 PM
OLTV : les meilleurs passages de Karim Benzema dans OLNS
Karim Benzema was the exceptional guest of Barth Ruzza on OL Night System this Friday. Relive the best parts of the program, while the entire show can be found on OL Play and Youtube.

A return to OL?

"I am often asked this question. People know how attached I am to OL. It’s also thanks to this club that I’m here today. Coming back immediately? No, because I am at the best club in the world in my opinion and I have a lot yet to do. After that, I do not know. Finishing in Lyon after doing what I want to do Madrid, why not? I'm not closing the door. We tend to say that it is the end of the career for a player who is 32 years old. For the past two years, I have been in great shape, both physically and mentally. I haven't hurt myself, I can go on. I’m not at the beginning of my career but I still have good years ahead of me. ";


The city of Lyon

"When I come back, I go see my mom even though I have an apartment in Lyon. I like to go home to my mother. I see my whole family. I go out a bit downstairs to see my friends. I go for a walk. The last time, I went to Stade Gerland. I'm less bothered on the street in Lyon than in Madrid. I stay in my neighborhood. People are quiet. I can't walk around Madrid too much. I only go out a little. "


The person who mattered the most to you at OL

" There are several of them. I’ll talk about Armand Garrido, though who has accompanied me in the professional world. Without him, I might have known a high level but not the very highest level. He was tough with me, in a good sense of the word. He gave me the motivation that I needed. Then there was also Bernard Lacombe who came to see me all the time. Paul Le Guen gave me a chance too. It’s a family at OL. "


Football at the moment

"Everything changed. Everything is going very fast. There is not the same respect today. But I understand, it’s not the same era. If you tell a youngster to carry the balls, he may take it wrong. When I was 16, you could tell me to carry the balls for an hour and I would have. One time I had to train with the pros and I stood in front of the locker room for 30 minutes. I dared not enter. "


The complete interview with Karim Benzema can be found on OLTV and OL Play.


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