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Joachim Andersen : "I miss seeing the guys"

Published on 14 April 2020 at 3:00 PM
Joachim Andersen : « Ne pas voir les gars me manque »
Danish defender Joachim Andersen gave an interview to OL's club media to discuss the current period of confinement. He also spoke about his debut at the club in France and his best memories of this season.

How is your confinement going?

The first week went well, but now it's a bit boring to be at home, not to go to training, not to see the guys at the training center. I miss playing football, and it’s boring to practice alone all the time because I’m a soccer player, and I like to play with the ball.


Are you busy with football-related activities to fill this gap?

Yes of course, there isn’t much to do these days, I’m trying to stay in shape, with workouts or that sort of thing. The rest of the time I do things with my girlfriend, I play FIFA, Call of Duty and that's it!


If there is a positive thing or a personal lesson to be learned from this confinement, what would it be?

If there is one thing I discovered during this period it's that we should our freedom, to do what we want, because right now we can't do what we want, and we feel this as a big lack in our daily life.


What is the situation in your country, Denmark?

It’s not as serious in Denmark as it is in France. In Denmark, one can still go out, so it's nice. Of course, Denmark is a smaller country, so there are not as many consequences as there are in France, but obviously it remains serious and people are taking it seriously by seeing what happens in the rest of the world.


You moved to Lyon with your girlfriend, how has your start to life here been? Have you adapted well?

Yes, I think we have adapted well. Obviously, there are differences between France and Denmark, like for example in basic things, to find the supermarket you have to know in which department are the different products, it sounds simple but in fact it is important. And also you have to know about what you can do for activities, like what my girlfriend likes to do, what I like to do outside of football, these sorts of little things are important in the end to feel at home.


What is your favorite memory since your arrival?

I think my best memory is the match against Benfica where I scored my first goal for OL in a really important match in the Champions League. And I also think of that match against Leipzig, we were led 2-0 and we came back to draw 2-2; I think we played a good second half, and we qualified for the Round of 16 of Champions League. I think those are my two best memories so far. "