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Farid Benstiti : "It is essential to remain united"

Published on 10 April 2020 at 9:00 AM
Farid Benstiti : « Il est indispensable de rester solidaire »
The coach of Reign FC, OL’s American women's football franchise, spoke to OL’s media from the United States.

Farid, what's the current situation in the USA?

 It is the same as in Europe. All training came to an abrupt end. The government has put into place significant restrictions so that everyone limits the potential of infecting others. This has had an impact on the club and training. The league has been postponed. We do not yet know when a return will take place. We have no information at the moment, just speculations. There is total uncertainty about the future of the season. 


How are you managing this very unique period?

We have had to adapt. We gave a training program to each player. We are trying to prepare as well as possible for the future, with the means we have. We are using technical tools to try to educate our players about future games and also have analysis of last season's games to prepare for our season. We have set up a medical infrastructure so as not to abruptly stop the rehabilitation of our injured players. There is continuous monitoring. Everything is very well organized by the medical staff. The goal is not to waste time until a return to full training. Everyone must find their way. We won’t save time, far from it, but above all we try not to waste too much and to anticipate what's. We are trying to maintain a social bond at a distance. Many players and staff are far from their families. It is essential to remain united and have a positive attitude.


What will the recruitment of Shirley Cruz bring to your team?

I'm going to reunite with Shirley. It will help us to start the season well. With Rapinoe, Fishlock, Taylor… we have a team with a lot of experienced players and Shirley will be a part of that. They will be the basis for keeping our team on the right path. It was important to have a player of this caliber. It’s a pleasure to work with her again. "


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