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Jean Lucas : "We know that we are not on vacation"

Published on 31 March 2020 at 10:18 AM
Jean Lucas : . « On le sait que l’on n’est pas en vacances »
Our Brazilian midfielder Jean Lucas spoke to OL's club media about the current period of confinement.

Jean Lucas

"Hello, my dear supporters: just a little note to tell you that I miss you. I hope that this situation will end soon so that we can meet again, so that you can encourage us and help us on the pitch. I hope to come back soon to score and celebrate this with you. May God be with you, I am thinking of you. I am staying at home with my parents. This episode of covid-19 is a difficult situation for all of us. I hope that these difficulties will pass as quickly as possible so that I can do what I love most in the world: play football and know that my parents can go out on the streets naturally like other people. I have a personal coach for my physical preparation and I am working a lot: rope work, resistance, to be able to give the maximum for my club. We know that we are not on vacation. We must be able to respond to the recovery. I hope to give the best for my club and come back at 100% for the matches. I am watching the series "Elite" and as to film I recommend "Fast and Furious 8". I also really like to read the Bible, I also listen to music and religious songs, songs of praise. "