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Bruno Guimarães : "I miss the pitches and the matches of course"

Published on 27 March 2020 at 11:05 AM
Bruno Guimarães : « Les terrains et les matches bien-sûr me manquent »
Our midfielder Bruno Guimarães spoke about the current confinement period with OL's media.

Bruno Guimarães

"I don't speak French well yet, but I'm learning. In this period, I am training with Paolo's instructions with everything he asked us to do: abdominals, stretching, I run in a tight space. Apart from that, I play a lot of video games and then I am learn French so as to integrate quickly. It is essential that you stay at home. I miss the pitches and the matches of course. That's all I like to do. But we know it's for our own good, so let's stay home. I repeat to you that it will pass and we will quickly find ourselves again. "