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Michael Jones : "A simple dream: beat PSG"

Published on 26 March 2020 at 10:14 AM
Michael Jones : "Un rêve tout simple : battre le PSG"
Michael Jones, who has played alongside Jean-Jacques Goldman for years, is a big OL fan. He has now been pursuing a solo career for several years. Michaël Jones has more than 48 years in the business and 5 million albums sold. In this interview he tells us about his passion for OL.

Why OL ?

I am always used to supporting the team of the city in which I live and I find it normal, moreover, when one loves sport it is obvious.


What's your first memory of OL ?

My first memory is to have been invited by Jo Bats to a match at the Stade de Gerland. The team was trained at the time by Paul Le Guen whom I already knew. And from there we often saw each other. There were of course also the Foot Concerts which brought us all together at the Palais des Sports in Gerland.


Since you have been following OL: what is your most happiest moment and which players have been your favorites?

The player who resonated with me the most is easy, it's Juninho. I will not forget Grégory Coupet either, because he was a huge, talented goalkeeper. And then my favorite was Sidney Govou. This boy has been the target of many criticisms because of his lifestyle. He's a great "guy", a guy who always there. But now I'm more likely to follow the women. I met Wendie Renard at the Olympia in Paris "she's so tall"!!, he said smiling. I also know Amandine Henry because a few months ago I was her neighbor. I then invited her to the "Enfoirés", she came after her match against Bordeaux. She participated in the show. She was great. She played the game perfectly without any shyness.


What is your best memory?

Immediately, I will tell you it was the match against Real at the Gerland (2005-2006 season). The players made sure during these 90 minutes that Real did not have a chance. It was extraordinary. It seemed to me that the only Spanish players who was involved was Beckham. Yet Real, during this match were a side composed only of big names, not stooges, only stars. They came to Lyon and they lost in a manner no one expected; it's an exquisite memory.


What does OL mean to you now?

OL is still one of the best French teams, which grows financially like Bayern Munich and has an academy which always on top.


What's your dream for the club?

A simple dream: to beat PSG, and to win the Champions League yes, but to beat PSG is really good.


How is your passion for OL is perceived in your artistic circles?

Yes of course some people blame me (kindly) for siding with St Etienne, but I have no animosity. I understand the excitement of a derby, it is important that these two teams exist, and that they always play intense and emotionally charged matches. At the time at the Enfoirés it was a bit of a squabble. There was Jean Baptiste Monier from Lyon with me against Patrick Bruel, a PSG fan, and Matt Pokora who supports OM. So there are debates between us when there are matches. Have you ever used OL in your shows or songs? No, the songs must come from the fans. During the Enfoirés I went on stage with my OL jersey but not for my shows.


Last question, how are you doing with this confinement??

I am living it like everyone else, certainly better than some because I live in a house with a garden. I am more worried about those who are experiencing this period in a small apartment in town or in a studio. I am worried about the craftsmen, the restaurateurs for whom it is challenging. For my part, I am living pretty well, I tinker, I do work in my house; I am trying to make a studio. It doesn't stop me from taking my guitar and playing. In the next few days I’m going to do a few songs that I’ll post on Facebook to bring some happiness to people, that’s important during this time.