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Gaël Genevier : "Everyone respects confinement here"

Published on 25 March 2020 at 12:52 PM
Gaël Genevier :  « Tout le monde respecte le confinement ici »
Currently a player in Italy's Serie C and trained at Olympique Lyonnais, Gaël Genevier spoke about the current situation, living near Bergamo, close to the biggest locus of the epidemic.

Gaël Genevier

"I currently play for AlbinoLeffe who are a Serie C club in Italy, which is equivalent to the National Championship in France. It’s a club very close to Bergamo. I live in a small village close to Bergamo airport. The situation is difficult. You have to stay in isolation at home, it's been 17 days now. My daily life is always the same between sporting activity at home, with training via Skype with our physical trainer. You also need to have a controlled diet. With social networks, I manage to keep in touch with my family, especially my wife and my little boy. We are managing to do homework together from time to time. We try to occupy ourselves like that even if it is difficult. The situation is dramatic. I think I'm in the worst place in the world right now. I am right in the middle of the problem. Ambulance sirens have taken over the sounds of planes passing over my house. Everyone is affected by the situation. At my club, leaders and ex-leaders have been affected, it's very difficult. You have to realize that since February 22, which was the day of my last match, everything has been getting worse. There is no more room in hospitals. It’s weird to know that the new and very large hospital in Bergamo is having trouble treating everyone. Everyone respects the rules of confinement here. It is important not to take this lightly. Staying at home is not easy but we are asked to stay at home quietly, so it is not unpleasant. It has to be done well since it is the best way to curb the development of the virus. "