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Romain Segui : "Everything is individualized according to performance"

Published on 18 March 2020 at 1:57 PM
Romain Segui : « Tout est individualisé en fonction des performances »
The physical trainer of the Olympique Lyonnais women's team, Romain Segui, to the club's media to explain how the players are proceeding to continue training while being confined to their homes.

Romain Segui 

“They start their daily session with preventive work, focusing especially on the different muscle groups that I ask them to do and have illustrated with photos. Then they have a bit of technical work. We provided them with a ball and some fitness equipment that we have at the club. They each have their own set of materials. Technical work is done in the form of juggling, passing against a wall and working on control. Then there is also cardio, either with running or cycling at different intensities. Everything is individualized according to the performance they have had on their tests. Each player has goals in terms of distances to reach and times to respect. And finally there is strength training, rather playful in form but with the same spirit as the cardiovascular. It’s like cross fit in many ways. They are also given an illustrated program with these poses and every day the players receive videos from me to give more of an idea about the photos so that they better understand what they have to do. We keep in contact through a WhatsApp group "Athletic Prep" that I had already created at the start of the season. They have the programs and can contact me at any time. We also have discussions about adapting the program owing to their state of form. If they are worse one day, I can then adapt the session for these girls. We also try to bring life to the group through challenges by offering the same exercises to all. "