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OL Fondation : A look back on the 1st edition of the Open Football Club speaking competition with the OL Academy

Published on 20 March 2020 at 8:00 AM
OL Fondation : retour sur la 1ère édition du concours d’éloquence Open Football Club avec OL Academy
On Thursday March 12, the players from the CAP Métiers du football from the OL Academy participated in an speaking competition organized by the Fondaction du Football and Prométhée Education, an apolitical association which advocates academic success with aid, support and the fight against self-censorship.

"Could we have made it to the 2018 World Cup final if VAR had not been used in the France-Australia match? Could we have brought "the Cup home" as Vegedream pointed out? "


It was with a slight tone of humor that Djibraïl DIB tried to make his case at the e-Lounge, at Groupama Stadium, during the OL Academy's internal public speaking contest.

Since November 2019, the players have been preparing for this competition with the Prometheus Education association, as part of the "Open Football Club" project led by the Fondaction du Football. Throughout the 5 workshops conducted by the association, the young people of OL Academy were able to understand the merits of this competition by working on the content of their speech and also on their oral performance. Indeed, the exercise of public speaking allows them in particular to know how to argue and develop their critical thinking but also to master  speaking. The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the self-confidence of the players, to develop their capacity to debate on various subjects, and to know how to defend their opinions and finally to disseminate the values of football.


The young people spoke one after another on different footballing and societal subjects, in particular "Are the players actors?" or "Are we all born equal?" », and took part in a competition They thus faced the exercise of public speaking before a jury made up of football, journalism, and communication professionals as well as OL Academy officials.

Proud of the performances delivered by the young people of the OL Academy, the jurors underlined their investment and the work done by each. Among the 9 boys and 2 girls who competed, 4 young people were honored:

- 1st prize to Djibraïl DIB
- 2nd prize to Riyad TALBI
- 3rd prize to Hermann TEBILY
- Judges' favorite to Bartosz TALAR


We would like to congratulate all the young people from CAP Métiers du football for their involvement in this competition: Shana BATTOURI, Nesrine BAHLOULI, Matthéo HAON, Irvyn LOMAMI, Ibrahima NIAKATE, Abdou IMANI and Mohamed EL ARROUCH.

The participants left with this little sentence delivered by Sidney Govou: "Although you did not all succeed, you all came out a winner".


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