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The reaction of Jean-Luc Vasseur

Published on 13 March 2020 at 4:02 PM
La réaction de Jean-Luc Vasseur
The coach of the women's team, Jean-Luc Vasseur, also spoke to OLTV to give his reaction to the suspension of all competitions.

Jean-Luc Vasseur

"We listened to the speech of the President of the Republic to find out how things were going to go. Society is suffering and one has to adapt. The federation has taken a firm position and we accept it. We have to adapt today. I warned the girls about the process. We won't have a match for a little while. This lack of a deadline bothers us a bit in terms of our organization. There is no match this weekend so I will leave the players to rest. They have come back from international duty and need to take a break. We will treat injured players like Delphine Cascarino. I want to keep my players training as much as possible. It’s difficult to manage but you don’t stop training. "