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Fernando Marçal : "We must try to do the impossible"

Published on 10 March 2020 at 8:27 AM
Fernando Marçal : « On doit essayer d’aller faire l’impossible »
Fernando Marçal spoke to a press conference before the match against Stade de Reims. He discussed various topics such as the team's morale, games behind closed doors and the current dynamic of the team.

Playing behind closed doors

"It's a little weird. It’s a different kind of game. We will be able to hear the coach better, this can also help us. He’s the one who can see things you don’t see. Our supporters are like a twelfth player who help us and who can allow us to make a difference. This is an advantage for teams on the road. We're at home, we need to win and take the three points. Each player must be ready to give everything. It will looks like a friendly match but we will be playing in the league. As far as Turin is concerned, we are the ones who will benefit from the conditions. I’m not going to lie by saying that it’s not better for us. "


The team's dynamic

"I was not on the pitch in Lille. We have to give more of ourselves now. We have to try to do our best to maybe finish on the podium or in 4th place. Mathematically we are not guaranteed to be 5th either. I hope we’ll end the season by qualifying to play in the European Cup. "


His own situation

“The first part of the season was difficult because I injured myself a lot. As for the sendings off, in Nice I deserved a red but as to the others, I don't agree. The disciplinary commission has given its response to this. Against PSG, of course there was a penalty but I think a second yellow card is a bit excessive but I am continuing to stay positive. Every game I’ve played, I’m doing everything I can to deliver a good performance and help the team. The coach is happy with my performance, this is the most important thing. I am focused on my work. "


The team's morale

"We are looking forward to Friday’s game. We want to play as quickly as possible to regain the feeling of victory. Despite everything, we have kept a good dynamic lately. Losing two matches is hard, but nothing is broken and we have to stay positive. We want to change things on Friday. "

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