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Camilo on OL Access : "I would like to win a trophy with this team"

Published on 10 March 2020 at 6:58 PM
Camilo dans OL Access : « J’aimerai remporter un trophée avec l’équipe »
Olympique Lyonnais Camilo's Brazilian midfielder was the featured guest on OL Access. He discussed various subjects such as his integration into the squad, his style of play and his teammates.

Winning qualification in the Youth League

"During training I saw the penalty shootout. It is a joy to see that they are going into the quarterfinals. We train as players for penalties. These are the exercises that you do. There can be a lot of nervousness but if you train well, you can do it as they did today. "


His integration into the team

"I feel good with the team. I have very welcomed, especially by the Brazilians. I feel right at home here. It is the last  stretch of the league, each point will be important until the end The training is similar to what I knew but here there is more speed and intensity. It is especially the cold that is a change from Brazil. I knew it would be a first half-season of adaptation. I'm training with the first team and I'm getting into the rhythm with the reserves; it's very good for me.


Preparing for the match against Reims

"It was intense training today. We are preparing for Friday's game against Reims. The players were a bit tired but they are recovering and will be ready on Friday evening. Bruno Guimarães notably ran more than 12 kilometers."


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