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Atalanta - OL (YL) : A wild match sees OL into the quarterfinals! (3-3, tab 3-5)

Published on 12 March 2020 at 2:54 PM
Atalanta - OL (YL) : un scénario de fou qui envoie l'OL en 1/4 ! (3-3, tab 3-5)
After a thrilling match and a top-flight performance from Lyon, OL qualified for the quarterfinals of the Youth League. After Rayan Cherki had equalized at the last second, the victory was confirmed during a penalty shootout. A massive performance!


3 ’. Gouiri faces up his defender, turns to goal but hits his shot just above the bar.
7 '.
Piccoli misses his a chance in front of the goal from a very good cross.
20 '.
After a rough bit of play from the Italians Piccoli found himself facing goal and tucked his shot into the back of the net. (1-0)
29 '.
Da Silva shoots from 20 meters but Gelmi makes a superb save.
Gouiri comes up short against the goalkeeper 5 meters from goal.
31 '.
On a counterattack, Cambiaghi is on the flank in front of goal and again beats Margueron. (2-0)
33 '.
Gouiri sends a missile into the Atalanta goal from the edge of the area! (2-1)
47 '.
Duku receives a cross from Altikulac and scores with a clear shot that beats the goalkeeper! (2-2)
53 '.
Piccoli beats the Lyon defense but comes up short against Margueron.
76 '.
Cherki makes a brilliant run in the Italian area but stumbles against a defender.
82 '.
Piccoli lobs Margueron with a header, and the ball just crosses the line. (3-2)
90 + 4 '.
Rayan Cherki equalizes in additional time! (3-3)



After eliminating the Spanish champion, OL were set to rub shoulders with another European heavyweight. Qualified thanks to a superb victory away to Real Zaragoza field with a big match from Amine Gouiri Lyonnais headed to Florence side to face the leader of the Italian championship, Atalanta, in the Round of 16 of the UEFA Youth League. Far from Lombardy and a week after the match's initial date due to the coronavirus, the meeting began strongly. The two teams, playing on the front foot, were going toe to toe in the two penalty areas but the Italians were much more efficient with two goals in the first half hour of play. It was not enough to knock down the teammates of Amine Gouiri, however, who reduced the deficit with a powerful strike.


gouiri youth

However, Lyon were still alive. And they proved it when they returned from the locker room. On one of the very numerous chances in this match, Modeste Duku leveled the score. The match continued to be full of action with opportunities coming in every way imaginable. Rayan Cherki repeatedly had the winning ball at his feet but Piccoli scored his second ten minutes from time, and things looked set for a cruel end. However, nothing was set since the players of Eric Hély and Pierre Chavrondier gave everything to equalize and were close to realizing one of their many chances late in the game. It was Rayan Cherki who was the savior with the equalizing goal at the last second! Everything was going to be decided in a penalty shootout that turned in OL's favor ... Like last season, the team are heading to the quarterfinals of the Youth League with a trip to face Salzburg on March 17 or 18. What a performance!


cherki gouiri silva




At Centro Tecnico Federale Coverciano, Florence.

Youth League (Round of 16) : Atalanta - OL  3-3, 3-5 pen (2-1)          

Referee: Fran Jovic.

Goals : Piccoli (20', 81') and Cambiaghi (30') for Atalanta. Gouri (33'), Duku (47') and Cherki (90'+4) for OL.

Penalties: Guth, Brogni and Ruggeri for Atalanta. Benaissa, Cherki, Da Silva, Wissa and Gouiri for OL.

Bookings : Guth (59') and Cambiaghi (90') for Atalanta. Pontet (41') for OL.

Atalanta : Gelmi - Ruggeri, Heidenreich, Okoli, Ghislandi - Cortinovis (Finardi, 90'+1), Guth, Gyabuaa (Kobacki, 90'+6) - Cambiaghi (cap.)(Brogni 90'+5), Piccoli, Traoré. Manager: Massimo Brambilla.

OL : Margueron - Altikulac (Barcola 85'), Bard, Diomande, Kalulu (cap.), Lukeba (Gusto, 68') - Pontet (Benaissa, 79'), Da Silva - Cherki, Gouiri, Duku (Wissa, 79'). Manager: Eric Hély.



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