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OL Fondation  : A look back at the work done in February 2020

Published on 10 March 2020 at 2:00 PM
OL Fondation  : retour sur les actions du mois de février 2020
Each month, we offer a recap of the different news and work done by the OL Foundation.

Partner associations


A new location for Ma Chance Moi Aussi

Winner of the call for support of projects organized by OL Foundation on the occasion of its 10 year anniversary, the group "Ma Chance Moi Aussi" continues its move to Groupama Stadium by setting up shop in the old customer service offices on the mezzanine of the OL Store.


Course sOLidaire with Sport in the City

On Sunday March 29, Sport in the City is organizing the 5th edition of Jogg in the City at Groupama Stadium. This event is aimed at companies wishing to support the 6,500 young people supported by the association. During the previous edition, 300 runners divided into 48 teams took the start.


Une actualites fevrier 2020 OL Fondation 11


City of Businesses for Employment


2 job dating events at the City of Businesses for Employment

2 main sectors of activity were the focus during the month of February: banking & insurance and commerce & mass distribution. 8 companies and 71 job candidates met at Groupama Stadium to foste numerous job offers.


Events to come at City of Businesses for Employment

During the month of March, opportunities will be presented in the areas of passenger transport and logistics. You can view the recruitment near you by searching the keyword "CEPE" on or directly via this link


Une actualites fevrier 2020 OL Fondation 22


Event involvement


Robot OL / Juventus with the Hôpital Femme Mère Enfant 

On the occasion of the Round of 16 of the Champions League, the foundation's robot, piloted by César (15 years old) was able to attend the OL press conference on the day before the match. On match day, he met with OL and Juventus players before watching the Champions League anthem on the edge of the pitch.


Receptions at training at Groupama OL Training Center

Several beneficiaries of this program have has special moments each month to meet their idols. In February, Lounis, Simon and Sébastien took turns meeting our athletes.


Une actualites fevrier 2020 OL Fondation 33 


OL employee involvement


Carnaval Party at Centre Léon Bérard

On Thursday February 20, 7 employees met the children of the Léon Bérard Center for a carnival afternoon with booths for costumes, make-up, coloring masks and circus activities. 

Discovery of sporting professions at Sport in the City

On Tuesday March 3, Sport in the City introduced young people from the Job in the City program to people who have various sporting professions. An Olympique Lyonnais employee who works in the merchandising department took part in the program by explaining her job to the young people involved with the association.


Une actualites fevrier 2020 OL Fondation 44


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